• Ikea, the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant has revealed a new “trauma-informed design” for small space living.
• The design focuses on creating calmness and fostering well-being in domestic environments, intending to support those who’ve experienced trauma or chronic stress.
• The concept focuses on small, thoughtful design details such as shielding windows from the outside view to increase privacy, providing ample storage space and implementing a warm color palette.
• The design was created in collaboration with the organization Make Room, which supports individuals and families to secure stable and affordable housing.
• As per the project’s lead designers, they have researched extensively about trauma and its impacts on living spaces. The space is designed to provide a sense of security and serenity, with focus on adaptability and control.
• Despite some critics questioning the connection between furniture design and trauma therapy, Ikea asserts that the home environment plays a substantial role in personal well-being.

Ikea’s Innovative Approach Towards Small Space Living

Designing for Wellness

Trauma can often affect ordinary aspects of life, one often overlooked being domestic tranquility. That’s why the innovative team at IKEA decided to tackle this often unturned stone and create a design that’s mindful of personal wellbeing.

Collaborating for a Cause

Under this project, IKEA has joined hands with Make Room, which strives to provide affordable and stable housing. Together, they aim to transform small space living.

Providing a Safe Haven

The idea to shield windows, use warm colors, and provide plenty of storage exhibits IKEA’s attention to detail. Despite having limited space, the project emphasizes creating a sense of security and providing control over their surroundings

A New Era in Furniture Design?

Despite questions around whether a furniture brand should delve into trauma-informed designs, IKEA maintains the significance of home environments in overall personal well-being.

In conclusion, Ikea continues to challenge the conventional wisdom in furniture design by considering health and emotional aspects. Even though linking furniture design to trauma therapy might seem novel, it speaks of Ikea’s thorough understanding of the importance of the home environment in people’s lives. By collaborating with Make Room, Ikea is not just producing furniture but fostering well-being, while working towards a greater mission to provide affordable and stable housing.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316630

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