• IKEA is set to launch a new gaming collection in the U.S, featuring an array of products from ergonomic chairs to adjustable desks.
• The gaming collection has a ’90s-inspired chair included in the range, offering style, comfort and nostalgia for the gaming community.
• The collection is a collaboration between IKEA and hardware manufacturer Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) line.
• The range includes almost 30 products catering to all aspects of the home gaming experience, from storage solutions to mouse mats.
• The ’90s-styled chair, named “MATCHSPEL,” is designed with an aesthetic nod to the funky patterns and shapes characteristic of the previous century’s final decade.

IKEA’s Dipping Into Gaming with Style

Gear Up for that ’90s Vibe

IKEA is about to make a major throwback, offering a hit of nostalgia for its gaming enthusiasts in the U.S. The Swedish company, in collaboration with Asus’ Republic of Gamers, is all set to launch a new gaming collection featuring a ’90s-inspired chair named “MATCHSPEL.” So, for those who were gaming on their Game Boy or PlayStation in the previous century’s final decade, being seated in this funky-patterned chair might bring back some fond memories.

A Full-Fledged Gaming Collection

But that’s not all! The gaming range from IKEA and ROG is a comprehensive one, with nearly 30 products devised for the ultimate home gaming experience. From ergonomic to adjustable setups, IKEA has it all covered. The collection offers more than just seating solutions and desks. You’ll also find mouse mats and storage solutions that’ll help in maintaining a clutter-free gaming environment.

The Ultimate Gaming Experience

The MATCHSPEL chair with its ’90s aesthetics might be the star attraction, but IKEA’s commitment to enhancing the overall gaming experience with the new collection is evident. Whether it’s the chair design or the nifty storage solutions, IKEA demonstrates that it puts the gamers’ comfort and convenience at the center of its product design. So, if you’re an avid gamer seeking practical yet stylish gaming equipment, IKEA’s new gaming range might just become your “go-to” place.

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