• The hospitality furniture industry rates its sustainability efforts as average, with many acknowledging there’s room for improvement.
• A recent survey found that 60% of industry professionals believe the level of sustainability in the industry is ‘moderate’.
• Only 14% of respondents conceded their own company’s performance on sustainability was ‘below average’.
• The use of renewable and recyclable materials is seen as the most noticeable sustainability progress.
• Many companies are reluctant to share sustainability reports due to a lack of standard metrics and fears over competitive advantage.
• The industry is calling for collaboration on sustainability, including the development of industry-wide standards.

Sustainability in the Hospitality Furniture Industry

Industry’s Self-Appraisal: Room for Improvement

The hospitality furniture industry has examined itself in the mirror and acknowledged that its reflection on sustainability needs a bit of a makeover. According to recent survey results, a majority of industry professionals believe the industry’s sustainability level is hovering around the midpoint – but mind you, that’s more an acceptable “could do better” than a celebratory “nailing it”.

Green Materials Make a Mark, But Transparency Lags

Renewable and recyclable materials have found their place in the industry’s spotlight, indicating that the sector is indeed serious about environmental impacts. However, when it comes to sharing about their own sustainability progress, companies are becoming as elusive as a minimalist sofa in a hoarder’s house.

Call for Collaboration and Standardization

Despite these challenges, the industry does express its longing for more togetherness. It seems that achieving sustainability in this industry is like assembling flat-pack furniture; it’s easier when we work together. The call for collaboration and developing standard metrics for sustainability resonates loud and clear across the board.

In conclusion, the hospitality furniture industry is on a self-proclaimed sustainability journey. While strides are being made, particularly in the use of renewable and recyclable materials, there’s a lot of work to be done. Increased transparency, collaboration, and the establishment of industry-wide sustainability standards would do much to buff up their eco-credentials. Remember, sustainable practices aren’t just a trend, they’re the way forward. Here’s hoping the sector can tighten a few screws, adjust a couple of hinges and align its sustainability plans quickly and efficiently!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316615

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