• Inhabitr, an online furniture rental platform, recently secured a significant Series B funding round.
• The company plans to use these funds for a major business expansion and intensification of marketing efforts.
• Expansion plans include new customer segments, product categories, and markets beyond its current geographic scope.
• This funding means that the company can now focus on scaling operations and increasing brand visibility.
• Inhabitr is set to disrupt the furniture rental industry by offering flexible, cost-effective solutions that fit every customer’s unique needs.
• A broad, high-quality selection, affordability, and hassle-free delivery sets Inhabitr apart from competition.

Business Expansion on the Horizon for Inhabitr Post-Series B Funding

Furniture Rental Revolution: Disrupting the Market with Innovation and Affordability

After an impressive Series B funding round, Inhabitr—the online platform that’s proving to be a game-changer in the furniture rental world—is busy sharpening pencils and drawing up their expansion plans. From expanding their customer base to branching out into new product categories and markets, the “fight to furnish” is on!

Scaling Operations and Increasing Brand Visibility

Armed with a fresh influx of capital, Inhabitr aims to significantly scale up operations. Not just in terms of delivering attractive, affordable pieces of furniture right to your doorstep, but also in terms of investing heavily in marketing, so when you hear “Inhabitr,” you’ll think, “That’s how I want to furnish my space!”

In a nutshell: Inhabitr is gearing up for a significant business expansion, aiming to strengthen their leading position in the online furniture rental sphere. Furniture shopping might often leave you feeling daunted, but Inhabitr is all set to take this hassle off your plate! With their broad selection, affordability, convenient delivery, and commitment to quality, they’re not just securing funds – they’re securing a way of life!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316510

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