– Intiaro and Floorplanner have collaborated to bring forth the ‘Design Your Room’ kiosk at Hall of Fame.
– This kiosk allows furniture shoppers to seamlessly plan and visualize their living space.
– With a touchscreen interface, shoppers can drag and drop furniture, change wall colors, and experiment with different layouts.
– The ‘Design Your Room’ kiosk offers a user-friendly platform, making the process of selecting furniture and designing space easy and enjoyable.
– The tool uses 3D furnishing technology to provide a realistic view of the living space.
– After being trialed at several events with great success, the kiosk is now a permanent fixture at the Hall of Fame.
– The kiosk was unveiled officially at the recent grand opening of the redesigned Hall of Fame building.

Intiaro x Floorplanner: The Future of Furniture Having Fun

The Interactive Kiosk Offering a New Experience in Furniture Shopping

Create, Plan, and Visualize Your Living Space

Introducing the collaborative prowess of Intiaro and Floorplanner’s ‘Design Your Room’ kiosk. Bringing a fun touch to furniture shopping, the kiosk extends an exciting opportunity for shoppers to visualize their dream living space. With a simple drag and drop, experiment with different layouts, swap out furniture, or even change the wall colors! 3D furnishing technology ensures a realistic view and an immersive shopping experience. Originally introduced as an event feature, the success and positive feedback of ‘Design Your Room’ made it a permanent treat at the Hall of Fame. So it’s a grand welcome to interactive, user-friendly, and fun furniture shopping experience! Just remember, the only limit is your imagination.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317211

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