– The International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD) has announced a call for entries for the 2024 Pinnacle Awards.
– The Pinnacle Awards, running for over 20 years, are renowned as the highest honor in the furniture design industry.
– Categories include major segments of the furniture industry, such as residential, commercial and hospitality.
– The entries are judged by a panel of industry professionals, influencers and experts on various criteria including form, function, innovation and retailing viability.
– The deadline for submitting applications is late August, with the award ceremony slated for the fall trade event, High Point Market in October.
– Winners will be recognized across various media platforms, escalating their visibility within the industry.

The Pinnacle Awards: A Call to Outstanding Furniture Designers

Entries Now Open for Pinnacle Awards 2024

The International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD) is welcoming submissions for the 2024 Pinnacle Awards, considered the highest echelon of recognition in the furniture design realm.

What to Expect from Pinnacle Awards

With over 20 years of prestige attached, the Pinnacle Awards honors excellence across various furniture segments, including residential, commercial, and hospitality. Submissions are meticulously evaluated by seasoned industry experts on a multitude of aspects, ranging from innovative design concepts to market viability.

How to Partake

Interested designers shouldn’t miss out on the late August deadline for submissions. Winners will be announced during the high-profile High Point Market trade event that takes place in October.

The Perks of Winning

Victory comes with more than just industry pride; winners receive unparalleled visibility across a diverse array of media platforms, boosting their stature within the industry.

In the world of furniture design, there’s nothing quite like walking away with a Pinnacle Award. The prestigious honour, granted by the International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD), recognizes the exceptional prowess, creativity and innovation of designers within the furniture industry. With a judging panel comprising savvy professionals, the competition is fierce, and the rewards are rich. If your skill belies a blend of form, function, and retailing viability, this could be your opportunity to reach the pinnacle. The stage is set for the October reveal, so claim a spot on this high-profile platform and let your design do the talking!

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