– The International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD) has created a Corporate Partner Program in partnership with Canadian Wood.
– This program’s focus is on strengthening ties between furniture designers and the industry.
– Corporate partners will receive a slew of benefits, including opportunities for networking, learning, advocacy, and marketing.
– ISFD board member Caroline Hipple says the program offers a “fresh, new way” for organizations to collaborate and grow.
– The first partner to join is Canadian Wood, an organization dedicated to promoting the Canadian forestry sector’s wood and wood-related exports.
– Monica Diaz, Canadian Wood’s Director of Marketing, emphasized the significance of this partnership in expanding their market reach to America.
– Both parties expressed optimism about the potential of their joint efforts in reshaping the furniture industry.

ISFD and Canadian Wood Join Forces

Corporate partner program aims to bolster industry ties

The International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD) has ushered in a new era of industry collaboration with the establishment of a Corporate Partner Program. As a part of this initiative, corporate partners will enjoy an array of benefits and opportunities in networking, learning, advocacy, and marketing, all tailored towards creating a robust connection between furniture designers and the industry.

Canadian Wood becomes the first corporate partner

Making a stride into uncharted territory, Canadian Wood — an organization dedicated to fostering growth in the Canadian forestry sector’s wood and wood-related exports — has become the first partner to join this innovative program. For Director of Marketing Monica Diaz, this partnership signifies a crucial step towards extending their market presence in America.

The future of the furniture industry looks incredibly promising with this fresh partnership between ISFD and Canadian Wood. As the duo join forces, it breathes life into a brand new way for organizations to work together, grow, and reshape the furniture industry. It’s a partnership to watch, as it’s likely to make waves and inspire change across the industry.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317387

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