– Kaleen Rugs announces the expansion of its Luxe brand with all-new designs for high-end indoor furniture.
– The new collection is set to feature EUROS, a style featuring rich European influences crafted with luxurious hand-tufted wool.
– Kaleen’s Luxe range also includes the existing well-loved Calais collection and will now introduce the Palazzo, an affordable high-quality line of hand-tufted rugs.
– Eco-friendly practices are a key value of Kaleen Rugs – their manufacturing process is designed to have the smallest possible environmental impact.
– The company expects to showcase its new Luxe additions in the next showcase, including additional eco-friendly wool rug offerings.

Kaleen Rugs Expanding Luxe Brand

Unveiling New Stylish Indoor Furniture Offerings

New Additions to Luxe Offer Luxury and Environmental Responsibility

Kaleen Rugs is upping the ante on opulence with the latest expansion of its coveted Luxe brand. With their toe-dipping into the world of plush and decadent European furnishing style, EUROS, they’re set to captivate customers even more. Also, the addition of the affordable Palazzo to the Luxe range, which features the popular Calais collection, underlines their commitment to delivering luxury at all price points.

While the company success revolves around creating high-quality, luxurious furnishings, it’s also firmly committed to keeping our planet happy. Kaleen’s manufacturing processes are the epitome of eco-friendly, delivering beautiful rugs without the guilt of harming the environment.

Kaleen is set to unveil these new luxurious, yet socially responsible additions to the Luxe line at their upcoming showcase. With their track record of crowd-pleasing collections and eco-friendly initiatives, we’re anticipating this reveal to be a win-win – for both design gurus and our precious planet.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316067

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