– Klarna, a leading global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, has joined hands with PubMatic, a sell-side platform.
– By leveraging PubMatic’s platform, Klarna can provide better access to its audiences for advertisers.
– Advertisers using PubMatic’s platform will now get access to Klarna’s extensive and dedicated audience base across Europe and the United States and can cater to their specific needs.
– Klarna’s unique insights into shopping behaviors across various segments, including furniture shopping, will be a significant advantage to advertisers.
– The partnership allows media buyers and brands to reach consumers at all stages of the buying process, opening up more tailored advertising opportunities.
– The deal is anticipated to provide greater inventory and higher audience engagement rates for advertisers.

Partnership between Klarna and PubMatic

Increasing Access to Advertisers

Our favourite retail bank, shopping, and payment service providers, Klarna, has entered a strategic collaboration with PubMatic, to boost the ladder’s advertising power. Yes, you heard it right! Your weekend shopping-spree data could become a treasure trove for advertisers looking to tailor their advertising schemes.

Leveraging Klarna’s Unique Insights

Klarna, which already has a solid foothold in the consumer market across Europe and the United States, will time its unique insights into various shopping segments including – drumroll please – furniture shopping, to help advertisers provide an out-of-the-box shopping experience. This way, brands and media buyers can reach the fashionistas, the shopaholics, and even the occasional “I-got-dragged-along” shoppers, at every stage of the buying journey. Who knew ad placement could be so exciting?

So, buckle up, fellow shopping and furniture enthusiasts! Sit back and enjoy the wave of hyper-personalised ads tailor-made just for you. Besides, with this partnership promising greater inventory and higher engagement rates, the shopping horizon looks more exciting and appealing than ever before. Perhaps you’ll find your dream couch faster than you thought!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316536

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