– Kohl’s, the American department store, is expanding its baby department by introducing a ‘shop-in-shop’ concept.
– The new format expands on the traditional baby section by adding furniture and other larger items.
– Kohl’s has created an interactive map showing the planned locations for these ‘shop-in-shop’ stores.
– Starting this summer, Kohl’s plans to reveal the locations of over 500 of these stores.
– The baby department at Kohl’s will now carry a wider range of products including bedding, bath items, furniture, and home décor.
– Kohl’s partnered with a number of friends to offer baby gears, toys, clothing, and accessories.

Kohl’s Revamps Baby Department with ‘Shop-in-Shop’

Introduction of New Furniture Lines and Other Items

With its new ‘shop-in-shop’ expansion project, Kohl’s is set to excite American families with infants and toddlers. Not only will your baby look chic and stylish, but their room might just be the most trendy part of the house!

Interactive Map to Reveal Over 500 Locations

And you won’t have to scramble on Google to find out where these shops are. Kohl’s is making shopping convenient and fun with an interactive map to tickle your curiosity.

Wide Range of Baby Essentials and Beyond

During the summer Kohl’s fans are about to have a great shopping experience with the wider range of baby items in the stores. From dressing your baby to decorating their room, Kohl’s has got you covered, providing everything from baby clothing, gears, toys, to all things furniture.

In conclusion, Kohl’s is taking a major stride with this expansion. The department store continues to modernize retail by introducing contemporary concepts like ‘shop-in-shop’ catering to the needs of parents and their juniors. Their initiative to roll out an interactive map conveys their commitment to customer convenience. Therefore, parents and expecting individuals should anticipate the grand unveiling this summer and get prepared for an enhanced shopping experience. Kohl’s is not just about selling baby items, but in actuality, they are creating memories and happiness through their product range.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316840

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