– KPS Capital Partners, LP sells its portfolio company, King Koil to Hillhouse Investment Management’s division.
– King Koil, a leading international mattress and bed manufacturer, was acquired by KPS in December 2018.
– Since then, KPS and King Koil have embarked on a successful transformation journey, including implementing a new business model, making strategic acquisitions, and creating partnerships worldwide.
– This transaction will allow King Koil to further tap into China’s growing market for high-end mattresses and bedding.
– The financial terms of the transaction remain undisclosed.

KPS Capital Partners Sold King Koil

Hillhouse Investment to Boost the Brand’s Presence in China

KPS Capital Partners, an established private equity firm, has waved goodbye to King Koil, one of its leading portfolio companies. They’ve handed the reigns over to none other than a division of Hillhouse Investment Management. They may be changing hands, but they’re certainly not changing their style; King Koil remains committed to supplying the world with high-quality mattresses and bedding.

KPS and King Koil – A Successful Transformation

During the tenure with KPS, King Koil definitely didn’t hit the snooze button. They successfully revamped their business model, made strategic acquisitions and established partnerships across the globe – kudos to them!

Next Stop, China!

With Hillhouse now at the wheel, King Koil aims to conquer China’s booming market for luxury sleep surfaces. While the deal’s financial figures remain tucked under the covers, one thing is certain: King Koil is not sleeping on its ambitions!

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