– The Las Vegas Market is gearing up for its summer event in July.
– The market will feature a range of new and exciting furniture from a variety of producers and manufacturers.
– Las Vegas Market is seeking submissions from exhibitors to be part of Furniture Today’s suite of print and digital product coverage.
– All furniture companies exhibiting at the market are encouraged to submit details of their top three products for consideration.
– Submissions are free, but must meet specific criteria including high-res photos and product descriptions.
– There is immense excitement leading up to the market as 2020 markets were majorly hindered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Las Vegas Market in July Gains Momentum, Calls for Product Submissions

Grand Furniture Showcase at Las Vegas Summer Event

Inclusive Coverage of Market Submissions by Furniture Today

In anticipation of Las Vegas Market in July, producers and manufacturers are urged to make their submissions to feature in Furniture Today’s print and digital product coverage. No underdogs here, as all exhibitors are encouraged to flaunt their top three pieces of furniture. Best part, no dollar signs attached to submissions, but only standards such as high resolution photos and detailed product descriptions. The event builds up much-tauted excitement, springing upon the covid-impacted 2020 markets, and potential exhibitors are clamoring to showcase their products. So let the countdown to the Summer market begin, businesses are ready to offer their most covetable, creative, and incredible designs.

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