– ‘Learn to read a spreadsheet’ was the key piece of advice given at an online panel hosted by Women in the Home and Furnishing Industries Today (WithIt).
– The discussion was aimed at addressing certain challenges faced by women in business, with a particular focus on the home and furnishing industries.
– The panel was moderated by Lorri Kelley, a seasoned business executive in the home furnishings industry.
– Kelley stressed the importance of understanding financial data for running a successful business.
– Other panellists included Margi Kyle, the founder of the Kyle Group, and Cindy Hodnett, VP of Public Relations and Communications at Furniture Today, amongst others.
– They discussed the various aspects of running a business, like vendor relations, human resources, marketing, and more.
– The takeaways from the discussion were that financial literacy is crucial, establishing and maintaining good relationships with vendors can be beneficial in the long run, and retaining talent within the organization is essential.

Women In Business: WithIt Panel’s Advice

Understanding Financial Data

Advice from the Panel

Seasoned women professionals from the home and furnishing industry were brought together for an empowering discussion by WithIt. Lorri Kelley, Margi Kyle, and Cindy Hodnett were some of the noteworthy experts imparting their pearls of wisdom during this exchange. The resounding message urged women in business, especially within the realm of home and furnishing, to hone their understanding of financial data – the key to entrepreneurial success.

Running a Business: More than Just Numbers

Vendor Relations, Human Resources, and Marketing

The panelists broadened the lens to include other aspects of running a successful business too. The significance of nurturing vendor relationships, managing a skilled workforce, and effective marketing were all highlighted. Remember, striking a balance and understanding how each element intertwines with the other is often the secret ingredient in the recipe for success.

In a nutshell, the WithIt panel suggested that mastering the art of reading a spreadsheet, nurturing vendor bonds, and retaining talent could propel a business to unfathomable heights. It’s not just about having a passion for design and creativity, but also equipping oneself with the good old ‘dollars and cents’ wisdom in business.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316122

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