* Macy’s is encouraging its corporate employees to return to physical offices.
* The management has set early September as the deadline for the return.
* Employees who do not comply might face penalties, including reduced work benefits.
* Macy’s believes in-office work can lead to increased productivity and team building.
* However, some employees are reluctant due to safety concerns amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
* The company has assured stringent safety measures, including social distancing and regular sanitization.
* Macy’s office employees’ return is not expected to directly influence the company’s retail operations and furniture sales.

**h1: A September Return for Macy’s Corporate Staff**

**h2: Possible Penalties for Non-Compliance**

**h3: Safety Protocols in Place amid Pandemic Fears**

In a bid to breathe new life into its operations, Macy’s is banking on its corporate staff’s return to the office. Setting an early September deadline, the company warns that non-compliance could lead to reduced benefits – a move not everyone is taking lightly. While some are eager to leave their makeshift home offices, others voice concerns over safety in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Acknowledging the anxiety, Macy’s promises stringent measures to keep its people safe. Whether the return will bring the sought-after productivity boost and bolster team spirit remains to be seen. However, with Macy’s office operations ramping up, the company’s retail side, including its furniture sales, is not expected to be directly affected.

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