– Linseed oil, often used in furniture polish and varnishes, can be made from scratch using simple tools at home.
– High-quality linseed oil can be extracted from flax seeds, which are abundantly available in various supermarkets.
– The process of making linseed oil at home involves cleaning flax seeds, grinding them, and extracting the oil through heat or pressure.
– Homemade linseed oil can be very economical and environmentally friendly compared to store-bought versions.
– As a non-toxic, quick-drying oil, it is popular in the furniture industry for its ability to penetrate deep into wood, highlighting its natural grain and protecting it from within.
– A British company called “Made You Look” is promoting the use of homemade linseed oil to encourage sustainable practices in the furniture industry.

Discover the charm of homemade linseed oil with “Made You Look”

Reviving the eco-friendly DIY spirit

It’s not everyday we peel back the layers of what goes into our everyday products. Yet, the humble linseed oil, a staple in furniture care, is making a statement both in and out of the bottle. The British company, “Made You Look” is championing the revival of homemade linseed oil.

From flax to bottle: the linseed oil process

Turning flax seeds into a luxurious oil that gives a rich sheen to your furniture may seem complicated, but it’s something you can do from home. The process invloves cleaning, grinding, and extracting – and a product that not only outshines its market counterparts, but reduces your carbon footprint as well.

In the spotlight: linseed oil

Linseed oil takes centre stage for its myriad of qualities. Aside from its deep penetrating and quick-drying features, it’s non-toxic nature makes it the prefered choice for families and environmentally conscious users.

In a world that’s becoming more conscious of sustainable practices, this throwback to the traditional method of making linseed oil invites us to engage in a meaningful, DIY experience. Not to mention, the result is a high-quality, economical alternative that carries numerous benefits for your furniture. “Made You Look” is making us look indeed, challenging us to rethink the way we consume, and showing that sometimes, just sometimes, the DIY route can be superior, not only for our furniture but for our environment too.

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