– Self-effacing humorist and radio personality Tom Bodett, the voice of Motel 6 commercials saying, “We’ll leave the light on for you,” has embarked on a venture to create a Makerspace and School in Vermont.
– Funded by a $50,000 grant from the state of Vermont, the “Made You Look” initiative aims to encourage creativity among youths.
– The Makerspace will be equipped with woodworking tools and other craft supplies that can be used to create furniture and other crafts.
– The initiative also includes a school that teaches woodworking, welding, programming, and other practical subjects.
– The project is also seen as an educational platform that prepares young people for the future by teaching them manual skills, creativity, and problem-solving.
– The Makerspace and School are set to open in Brattleboro, Vermont, and the timetable for this is mid-2022.

Made You Look: A Makerspace Initiative by Tom Bodett

Creativity Unleashed: The Makerspace and School in Vermont

Infusing the charm of Vermont with creativity and learning, Tom Bodett, famed for his wit and memorable voice-over for Motel 6, has embarked on a grand venture. With the support of a generous grant from the state, Burdett introduces “Made You Look”, an initiative set to significantly upgrade arts and crafts, while promoting crucial life skills among the youth.

The Vision

The project consists of a furnished Makerspace, stippled with woodworking tools, craft supplies, and more, prompting the creation of furniture and other crafts. On the other hand, the project extends to include a school teaching a range of practical skills, from woodworking to programming, making it a hub for fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities. The much-anticipated initiative, with the opening programmed for mid-2022, promises a significant contribution to education as it mingles handiwork and creativity to aptly prepare the younger generation for future challenges.

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