– Magniflex USA, a branch of Italian luxury mattress company Magniflex, has recently hired an experienced retail executive to spearhead their sales expansion.
– The new recruit’s name is Chad Collins, who was previously with one of the largest mattress retailers in the country, Mattress Firm, for over a decade.
– Collins has been appointed as Vice President of Sales and will be responsible for accelerating Magniflex’s growth in the US market.
– He will implement strategic sales initiatives to meet the growing demand for Magniflex’s luxury mattress products.
– Collins plans to leverage Magniflex’s reputation for its top-quality, eco-friendly mattresses to penetrate new regions and reach more consumers.
– This move is part of Magniflex’s aim to expand their footprint in the US market and strengthen their presence in high-end retail outlets.

Magniflex USA Enlists Experienced Executive for Sales Expansion

Introducing Chad Collins, New VP of Sales

Chad Collins, a retail executive with a record of success in the mattress industry, has been entrusted with leading Magniflex USA’s efforts to expand sales. With his vast experience and industry knowledge gained from over ten years at Mattress Firm, he is poised to steer the company towards significant growth in the US market.

A Strategy Build on Quality and Eco-Friendliness

Collins plans to draw on Magniflex’s position as a premium producer of quality, eco-friendly mattresses, to open up new regional markets and reach a broader consumer base.

In conclusion, Magniflex USA is set on drawing a new leaf in its expansion journey by bringing in experienced retail executive Chad Collins as its new Vice President of Sales. Collins is expected to use his extensive knowledge and expertise to increase sales and boost Magniflex’s growth in the US market. The company is optimistic that Collins’ strategic initiatives will help tap into the rising consumer demand for eco-friendly, luxury mattresses and augment their presence in high-end retail outlets. It’s indeed an exciting time for Magniflex USA, as they gear up to dive deeper into the American market!

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