• Malaysia Furniture Furnishings Market (MFFM) set to launch in September, marking Malaysia’s debut in Asia’s second sourcing season in furniture.
• MFFM aims to bring international buyers together in a physical platform, allowing them to sample and source local furniture and furnishings.
• The event will work towards spotlighting the talent and skills of Malaysian manufacturers while boosting the national furniture industry.
• Products that will be showcased at MFFM range from bedroom furniture to kitchen units, and from office furniture to kids’ pieces.
• The event will also host multiple webinars for industry specialists to share their insights and stimulate business networking and growth.

A New Chapter for Malaysian Furniture in Asia

Malaysia Furniture Furnishings Market: Bridging Global Buyers and Local Talent

In September, the Malaysian Furniture and Furnishings Market (MFFM) opens its doors, marking Malaysia’s foray into Asia’s second furniture sourcing season. This event presents a game-changer for the national furniture industry, setting up a physical platform for international buyers and industry professionals to explore and acquire fine Malaysian furniture pieces.

Celebrating Malaysian Craftsmanship

From bedroom suites to kitchen fixtures, office suites to chéri-ware, the range of products that will be exhibited at the MFFM not only promises quality and authenticity but bears testimony to the immense talent and artistry that exists in Malaysia. This dynamic stage ensures they gain ample exposure and recognition on a global level.

Stimulating Business Growth: Insightful Webinars and Networking

Moreover, the event has bigger plans beyond being a mere exhibition. It also hosts a line of webinars featuring industry experts who’ll share their insights and ideas. Alongside offering business intelligence, these sessions will also facilitate networking opportunities, fueling business growth and breakthroughs.

In September, Malaysia steps onto a larger stage with the launch of the Malaysia Furniture Furnishings Market (MFFM). This new player in Asia’s second sourcing season of furniture notably aims at bridging the gap between international buyers and Malaysian manufacturers. Celebrating the immense talent of local artisans, the MFFM offers a sneak-peek into a wide array of products – from homely to office-bound. Moreover, the event plans to stir business growth and networking via webinars and interactive sessions led by industry experts. It’s time to keep an eye out for this invigorating avenue that opens up fresh, global opportunities for Malaysia’s furniture industry.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317427

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