Rubio Monocoat 🔨🔨


Rubio Monocoat is a revolutionary wood finish that colors and protects wood in one single layer. It is plant-based and contains 0% VOC. Rubio Monocoat works by forming a molecular bond with the topmost fibers of the wood. This product is an oil finish that is extremely matte- and allows the wood the maintain its natural colors and feel. 

Water Polyurathane 🔨🔨


Polyurethane: We use Minwax water based polyacrylic polyurethane on all or our products stained with Minwax oil based stain. It is an ultra fast-drying protective topcoat that does not discolor the stain in any way. It also helps protect your product from water and heat stains **!
** water and heat should be used with caution.

Catalyzed Varnish 🔨🔨🔨


A catalyzed varnish is the ultimate way to protect your furniture. It adds a highly protective coating to your wood that is resistant to chemicals, moisture, heat and scratches/dents. We apply a satin layer which will have a different feel that say our oil finish (rubio) but allows for less maintance each day. This product is sprayed onto your finish and hardens to the ultimate protection layer.



Hardwoods are a generational piece and all that we use. Although more expensive, it may be the last table you purchase. The wood itself is more scratch and dent resistant which helps keep its natural beauty over time. and is more stable through humidity changes and seasons.


How long will it last?
With proper care and consistent humidity, you can pass this down to your grandchildren!
How do I take care of it?
Depends on the finish you select to put on top. But you can never go wrong with warm soapy water.
What is the best hardwood?
Tricky answer – White oak is one of the hardest options. Walnut is naturally dark and beautiful. Maple is more budget friendly, but stains amazingly! All have their own unique qualities that make them amazing.
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