– ICFA has announced their Lifetime Achievement Award winners for 2024.
– The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the furniture industry throughout their careers.
– This year’s recipients are Brenda and Charles Mathis, founders of Mathis Brothers Furniture.
– The couple started their business over 50 years ago and it has since become one of the most prestigious furniture brands in the country.
– Their notable works include inventions of unique, ergonomic furniture designs and sustainable manufacturing processes.
– In addition to their furniture business, they have been active philanthropists, contributing to various community development projects.
– The award ceremony will be held at the annual ICFA conference in March, where the Mathis’ will be honored for their substantial contributions to the industry.

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners Announced

Remarkable contributions of Brenda and Charles Mathis to the Furniture Industry Recognized

Mathis Brothers Furniture: A Half-Century Legacy

As the International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA) announces its Lifetime Achievement Award winners for 2024, top of the list are industry veterans, Brenda and Charles Mathis. Founders of the Mathis Brothers Furniture, the couple has carved out an impressive niche in the country’s furniture industry over the past 50 years. Their legacy extends beyond just manufacturing pieces of furniture — they have reinvented the wheel with ergonomic designs and sustainable practices that capture the essence of modern-day living. Aside from their business, the couple’s philanthropic endeavors touch various sectors, making their impact even more profound and all-encompassing. The prestigious award will be presented at the annual ICFA conference in March, a fitting tribute to Brenda and Charles Mathis’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of excellence in the furniture industry.

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