– Homemakers Furniture has announced an executive team change-up: longtime executive, Dan Merschman, has been promoted to President.
– Merschman has served the company for over 30 years, holding several senior leadership roles over his tenure, including Senior Vice President of Merchandising.
– His responsibilities will include strategic planning, talent development, and driving innovation across the company in his new role.
– Merschman promises to continue Homemakers’ commitment to customer service excellence and high-quality storefront & digital operations.
– The outgoing president, Dave Merschman (no relation), retires leaving a legacy of strong leadership and strategies that positioned the company for future success.

A New Era for Homemakers Furniture

Merschman Ascends to Presidential Role

After more than three decades of dedication and tireless service, Dan Merschman is stepping into a well-deserved and sure-to-be game-changing role at Homemakers Furniture. His impressive CV and long career within the company promise exciting developments for this already successful furniture brand.

A Commitment to Excellence

Both talent development and driving innovation are at the top of Merschman’s hefty to-do list. But fear not, Homemakers’ customers – your beloved shopping experience, both in-store, and online, will not change under Merschman’s leadership. The company’s commitment to service excellence holds strong.

Retiring on a High Note

Shouts and applause for retiring President Dave Merschman, leaving behind an admired legacy of astute leadership and forward-thinking strategies. His influence will continue to impact the company’s successful journey.

So take a seat on your favorite Homemakers couch, folks, and let’s watch as Merschman steers this ship into new waters. A change of guard in the executive suite, a commitment to innovation underlined, and the same great Homemakers we all know and love. Change your seat, yes; But change your dealer? Never.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318103

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