• Miskelly Furniture, a big-name furniture brand, is rapidly expanding and has opened a store in a college town.
• The new store, located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is the first in a college town.
• This new venture aims to serve not only locals but also the significant student population from the University of Southern Mississippi.
• The store features a diverse range of trendy and quality furniture that fits student budget and needs.
• There’s a blend of both online and offline presence to meet the shopping behaviors of the younger generation.
• The Miskelly parent company is positive about the future success of this shop due to the proven track record of their furniture brand.

Miskelly Furniture’s Exciting New Adventure

Breaking Ground in a College Town

Miskelly Furniture is taking a huge leap, opening the first store of its kind in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a well-known college town. The new location aims to entice students from the University of Southern Mississippi, offering them a variety of trendy yet affordable furniture pieces that complement campus living.

Blending Online and In-Store Shopping

Just as their diverse furniture pieces harmonize modern and vintage styles, Miskelly cleverly blends the online and offline shopping experience. The brand understands the importance of adapting to the digital era without completely eradicating the traditional in-store experience, catering to the diverse preferences of the younger generation.

Furthermore, Miskelly’s trust in the success of this venture rests on the laurels of their established brand reputation. The college community and locals alike can expect the same quality of products and service that Miskelly has been known for decades. A step into a new market with a fresh strategy, Miskelly indeed is stirring excitement in the furniture industry.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318039

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