– The Mississippi-based upholstery vendor has established a new distribution center on the East Coast.
– The distribution center aims to manage the increasing demand and provide faster delivery for East Coast customers.
– The new plant is located in High Point, North Carolina – an area famous for being a flourishing hub for furniture trade.
– The new distribution center is equipped with innovative technology and automation systems to facilitate seamless operations.
– The move is a strategic one as it empowers the company to compete on the national stage while maintaining its customer-centric approach.

Mississippi Upholstery Vendor Branches Out

New East Coast Distribution Center to Fast-Track Growth

An Innovative Approach to Meet Growing Demand

In an exciting move, a celebrated Mississippi upholstery vendor has put roots down on the East Coast with their brand-new distribution center. Located in High Point, North Carolina, a renowned hotspot for furniture trade, the facility serves a strategic purpose. It will not only take full advantage of the thriving local furniture business, but also position the company to efficiently cater to their rapidly expanding customer base on this side of the country.

The new center promises to deliver cutting-edge technology and automation, ensuring an efficient, seamless operation, which is integral to maintaining their customer-first business approach. This expansion eastward places the Mississippi vendor firmly on the national map, enabling them to compete more effectively while maintaining their reputation for quick and reliable deliveries. The furniture world should sit up and take notice, this Mississippi powerhouse is ready to upholster the world.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317978

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