– Moe’s Home Collection, a North American wholesale furniture company, made an announcement that it has promoted Anthony Miles to Chief Operating Officer (COO).
– With extensive experience in various roles in operations management, supply chain, and logistics, Miles has been a valuable team member of the company for 12 years.
– The promotion of Miles to COO is in recognition of his ‘proven leadership skills’ and the significant impact he had on the company.
– Since joining Moe’s, Miles played an instrumental role in the company’s growth and expansion, making the company’s operations more efficient and profitable.
– The management of Moe’s is looking forward to seeing how Miles’ ideas and strategies will shape the company’s future.
– Despite the promotion, Miles will continue to oversee operations, including supply chain, logistics, information technology and customer service.

Moe’s Home Collection: New COO takes charge

Proven team member, Anthony Miles, steps into COO role

Miles’ strong leadership skills and impactful contributions recognized with promotion

Finally, Moe’s Home Collection, a prominent name in the wholesale furniture world, is set to take a progressive leap under the new stewardship of Anthony Miles as its COO. Miles’ promotion did not come as a surprise, given his impressive track record and integral role in shaping the company’s success. His years spent spearheading operations, supply chain and logistics gave him the essential tools and experience to manage this new role effectively. Balancing his dual role, Miles will continue to mould and drive the operations, infusing his innovative ideas and strategies. As Miles steps into this new chapter, the company and its team are excitedly anticipating the transformative impact his leadership will bring to the Moe’s brand and its operations.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317031

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