– Ethan Allen, a well-known furniture company, is preparing to “wow” Rochester clients with the launch of its new design studio.
– The newly launched studio will serve as a hub for both residential and commercial clients looking for innovative and bespoke interior design solutions.
– Several unique features, such as interactive design centers and 3D visual presentations, are incorporated into the design studio that will allow clients to visualize their spaces before making purchases.
– Besides offering design consultation, the studio also showcases a vast array of Ethan Allen’s product lines, which include home furnishings, accents, and accessories.
– The company aims to serve clients looking for full-scale home renovations as well as those who just want to add a unique touch to their homes through a single piece of furniture or accessory.

Ethan Allen Ready to Delight Rochester with New Design Studio

Innovative Design at Your Fingertips

From Full-Scale Renovations to Single Piece Enhancements

In an exciting move for home and commercial decor enthusiasts, Ethan Allen is introducing a new design studio in Rochester. The studio is touted as a one-stop shop for innovative interior design solutions, complete with interactive design centers and 3D visual presentations. Whether one is looking for a complete home renovation or just to enhance their living space with a unique piece of furniture or accessory, this Ethan Allen studio has it covered. Showcasing a vast array of Ethan Allen’s product lines, the studio adds a new level of convenience for clients who can consult, visualize, and finalize their home’s new look under one roof. So, Rochester, get ready to be ‘wow-ed’ by this fresh and innovative approach to interior design.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316229

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