– The latest report from Smith Leonard, an expert accountancy service for the furniture industry, indicates a positive trend in furniture orders.
– Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the furniture industry continues to experience an increased demand.
– According to Smith Leonard’s June 2020 survey, new orders for residential furniture increased by 30 percent compared to June 2019.
– This surge marks the second consecutive month of impressive year-on-year growth, with May showing a 6 percent increase compared to the same period last year.
– Furniture manufacturers and distributors have expressed substantial backlogs due to the sudden influx of orders and are working diligently to meet the demand.

Closer Look at Furniture Industry’s Impressive Growth amid Pandemic

Monumental Rise in New Furniture Orders

According to business advisory firm, Smith Leonard, the furniture sector is making a solid comeback after a sluggish start due to the pandemic. The increased demand makes it easier for the industry to recover and illustrates the consumers’ resilience and adaptability in these uncertain times.

Sustained Growth in Successive Months

Interestingly, the unexpected spike in orders for residential furniture is not a one-month affair. The surge in June follows a rewarding May, showing that the general public’s rediscovered appreciation for home beautification and comfort is not waning.

The Challenges of Backlogs

Indeed, while the rise in orders is heartening, it also poses a new set of challenges to manufacturers and distributors. A substantial backlog has emerged, requiring companies to work more efficiently than ever to fulfill outstanding orders and keep up with the renewed demand.

In conclusion, the optimistic report from Smith Leonard clearly depicts a thriving furniture industry that refuses to be held back by the challenges of the pandemic. It showcases resilience not just from the manufactures and distributors who are striving to meet demand, but also from consumers who continue to invest in their homes despite these trying times. This steady rise in demand demonstrates a strong potential for continuous growth, hinting a promising future for the furniture industry.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318462

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