• Symphony Sleep, a renowned name in the furniture industry, released an innovative lift kit for beds
• The lift kit is specifically designed to provide the elderly with an easier way to get in and out of bed
• By helping seniors maintain their independence, the kit may support the trend of aging in place
• The lift kit is easy to install, promising a quick makeover for any bed
• A remote control enables operation of the lift without a need for physical effort

Symphony Sleep Introduces New Bed Lift Kit

Aging in Place Gets Easier

Innovation Meets Functionality in Furniture Design

In an interesting development in the furniture industry, Symphony Sleep has recently released a new lift kit for beds. Taking into consideration the needs of the elderly, this kit makes getting in and out of bed much easier for the older population. As a result, the kit could contribute significantly to the rising preference for aging in place, allowing seniors to maintain their independence for longer.

Installation of the lift kit is simple, painless, and can dramatically reinvent any bed, making it far more accessible for users. Furthermore, the kit comes equipped with a remote control for effortless operation, eliminating any physical exertion that might typically be required.

These practical, well-designed tools from Symphony Sleep represent a forward-thinking approach to furniture design, which does more than just looking good – it caters to tangible needs in innovative ways. The development reflects the industry’s shift towards creating products that offer a blend of comfort, accessibility, and independence, particularly for those who are aging in place.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316250

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