– Joey Storey, from Wichita, Kansas, recently inherited his family’s furniture manufacturing and retailing business and is eager to bring a modern touch to the traditional industry.
– Storey’s Furniture has been a well-respected name in the local market for over three decades, started by Joey’s father, Jim Storey.
– Joey Storey has decided to introduce innovative, durable and eco-friendly furniture designs to cater to evolving consumer trends and expectations.
– The company plans to debut a line of smart furniture, incorporating technology to add value to the user’s experience.
– The brand aims to reduce its carbon footprint by sourcing sustainable raw materials and reducing waste in production.
– Supporting local talent, Storey’s Furniture will collaborate with Wichita-based designers and craftsmen for its new launches.

Continuing the Storey Ahead

Joey Storey: The Modern Era Pioneer

Joey Storey, the young and dynamic inheritor, is gearing up to engage the modern-day consumer with smart, sustainable and stylish furniture options while keeping the brand’s reliable reputation intact.

Storey’s Furniture Evolving with Time

Acknowledging the increasing demand for eco-friendly products and the growing infusion of technology in everyday items, Storey’s Furniture plans to introduce green, durable, and tech-friendly furnishings.

Storey’s Furniture – New Chapter Begins with Local Talent

Supporting the local economy continues to be a top priority, as the business will engage Wichita-based designers and craftsmen for their imminent launch.

The turning of pages towards the next chapter of Storey’s Furniture in Wichita is replete with anticipation and excitement. The young ‘Storey-teller’, Joey Storey, is endeavouring to not just carry forward his father’s legacy but to add his own modern, green twist to it. By transitioning towards technologically advanced, eco-friendly designs and supporting local talent, he aspires to uphold the brand’s credibility and appeal to the evolving consumer base. As Joey Storey shapes the future of Storey’s Furniture, we can only sit back, enjoy the concoction of traditional and modern, and watch the tale unfold.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317522

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