• ‘NEXT’ is a collaboration between traditional German furniture company, Thonet, and design students from Mainz University of Applied Sciences.
• The unique project aimed to combine traditional craftsmanship and modern design ideology to create furniture for a post-pandemic era.
• The students created a series of designs, centering around the theme of ‘New Work’ which incorporated elements that assist with working from home and promoting societal resilience.
• The collaboration also showcased the innovative use of eco-friendly materials, creating minimalist, user-friendly designs adaptable for different spaces.
• One notable design was the ‘Desk_shield’ – a freestanding shield for desks, aimed to offer safety and privacy whilst maintaining an open, collaborative atmosphere.
• Another standout design, ‘Tools for togetherness’, offered modular furniture units – promoting adaptability and fostering an interactive atmosphere.
• Selected designs will be included in the 200th-anniversary collection of Thonet, embodying the purpose-filled ethos and focusing on humanity.

‘NEXT’ Generation Unfolds New Chapters for Furniture Design

Thonet and Mainz University’s Unique Collaboration

‘NEXT’ showcases what the future could look like when traditional craftsmanship from the German furniture house Thonet, modern design principles and the creative minds of the students at Mainz University of Applied Sciences come together. Designed from the lens of a post-pandemic world, their works resonate with the needs of the evolving home offices and societies that value adaptability and comfort.

Revolutionary Designs

The ‘Desk_shield’ stands as a perfect blend of personal safety and open, collaborative spaces, while the ‘Tools for togetherness’ provide a form adaptable, fun-filled ensemble for an engaging environment. These designs go hand in hand with the theme of new work, proving that design, even in a pandemic, can fuel human connection and comfort.

The Road to Thonet’s 200th Anniversary

In their journey towards their bicentennial, Thonet’s partnership with the students of Mainz University boldly emphasises how embracing humanity at its core and featuring innovative sustainable materials can create iconic furniture designs. It’s an exciting glimpse into the future of furniture, fostering adaptability, aesthetic while embedding values of societal resilience and the environment. Truly, it’s not just furniture; it’s a whole new perspective.

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