– Norwalk Furniture, a custom upholstery manufacturer, has appointed Tim Newlin as its new President and CEO.
– Newlin has been part of Norwalk Furniture for over 30 years, handling roles including Vice President of Sales and Marketing to Chief Operating Officer.
– The company credits Newlin for leading major initiatives that contributed to its national growth and expansion.
– Recognized for his strategic approach and commitment, Newlin now heads Norwalk with a focus on maintaining its legacy and enhancing customer service.
– Newlin aims to guarantee that Norwalk Furniture positively impacts people’s homes and lives as a market giant in the custom upholstery sector.
– Norwalk Furniture, lauded for creating unique and individual consumer experiences, looks forward to Newlin’s continual contribution to the furniture industry.

Tim Newlin Appointed as President and CEO of Norwalk Furniture

A Change at the Helm: More Than Three Decades of Dedication Pays Off

Tim Newlin, who brought over 30 years of exuberance and decision-making skills to Norwalk Furniture, has bagged the highest honor, becoming the company’s President and CEO.

Taking Norwalk Furniture to Greater Heights

Over the years, Newlin effectively led numerous pivotal initiatives that gave rise to the company’s national prosperity and expansion. He is highly regarded for his strategic approach and steadfast dedication.

More Than ‘Just’ Furniture – A Positive Impact on Homes and Lives

With Newlin at the helm, Norwalk Furniture is set to go beyond maintaining its legacy. The company is fixated on enhancing customer service and ensuring its custom upholstery continues to make a positive difference to people’s homes and lives.

Newlin’s Promise to the Furniture Industry

Norwalk Furniture has always been synonymous with creating exceptional and personal customer experiences. Under Newlin’s stewardship, the world can expect more cutting-edge designs and service from this prominent player in the furniture industry.

In conclusion, Tim Newlin’s appointment as the new President and CEO of Norwalk Furniture is a testament to his passion, strategic planning, and successful implementation. His three-decade tenure with various roles in the company has readied him for his new position. Under Newlin’s leadership, Norwalk Furniture seeks to not only preserve its legacy but also to enhance customer service and positively impact customers’ homes and lives with their furniture. All eyes are on Newlin as he takes on this new journey of leading a celebrated furniture giant. With his commitment and proven track record, the future of Norwalk Furniture and the custom upholstery market looks promising.

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