– Nourison Home, a leading global floor covering and home accessories company, recently announced the appointment of a new Vice President of Sales.
– The newly appointed VP, Andrew Peykar, is not new to the industry or the company. He has previously worked in various roles within the company.
– Peykar will take charge of National & Strategic sales and will be reporting directly to the President of Nourison Home, Alex Peykar.
– His previous roles in Nourison included Regional Sales Management and Marketing positions, where he showcased his leadership skills and business acumen.
– Before returning to Nourison, Andrew Peykar had also worked with two other major home furnishing companies in their sales and marketing departments.
– The company hopes that this new appointment will help boost sales and improve the reach of their products while also enhancing customer relationships, given Peykar’s experience and skills.

Andrew Peykar Named Nourison Home’s New VP of Sales

A Rising Force in Furniture Industry

Andrew Peykar, a familiar face in Nourison Home, has taken a step up the corporate ladder as he accepts his new role as Vice President of Sales. A seasoned champion in the world of home furnishing sales, Peykar is no stranger to the challenges and victories that come with the territory.

A Journey from the Roots

Having previously held strategic and leadership roles within Nourison, as well as showcasing his talent in other major home furnishing companies, Peykar brings a wealth of experience to the table. His journey, from the roots of regional sales management and marketing to VP, is a testament to his leadership prowess and business savvy.

Boosting Sales and Building Relationships

With the new appointment, Nourison Home sees a promising horizon for their sales growth and market reach. Andrew Peykar’s expertise in the field is expected to accelerate sales and enhance customer relationships, reinforcing Nourison’s reputation in the global floor covering and home accessories market.

Furniture Industry Watchout – Here Comes Peykar!

Bold in navigation and sharp in strategy, Andrew Peykar is poised to bring about positive changes to Nourison Home and its customers. Indeed, the world of home furnishings expects great things from this exceptional leadership. Strap in for a thrilling journey ahead, as Peykar gears up to drive Nourison Home into a captivating future!

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