• Nourison Home, a global floor covering company, has acquired J Mish, a premium carpet manufacturer
• The move is aimed to help Nourison Home expand its manufacturing base and range of luxury carpet offerings
• While specific financial details remain undisclosed, this deal is set to give Nourison an advantage in serving the high-end market
• J Mish’s manufacturing assets, designs, and brand will be incorporated into Nourison’s broad portfolio
• The acquisition serves as an opportunity for Nourison to tap into J Mish’s established network of independent retailers and design professionals
• Nourison is poised to provide an integrated offer to its consumers, ensuring they receive the best from both brands
• The acquisition also creates job opportunities as manufacturing scales up

Nourison Home Expands Footprint with J Mish Acquisition

New Echelon of Luxury Carpets Coming to Market

In a strategic move aimed at shaking up the floor coverings landscape, global player Nourison Home has recently taken over premium carpet manufacturer, J Mish. This acquisition not only expands Nourison’s manufacturing capacity but also broadens its range of luxurious carpet choices. No stranger to high-end markets, this deal places Nourison in a formidable position.

J Mish’s Assets and Network Now Part of Nourison’s Game

With J Mish’s manufacturing assets, stellar designs, and recognized brand now fusing into Nourison’s portfolio, the possibilities seem endless. The acquisition opens doors into J Mish’s dependable network of independent retailers and design professionals, bolstering Nourison’s presence.

Tapping the Best of Both Worlds

More Options, Better Services for Consumers

The confluence of these two brands is set to bring about an integrated offer for the consumers. Nourison’s customers will now be privy to the best that both brands have to offer.

Job Creation on the Horizon

On a brighter note, this amalgamation will also generate employment opportunities as the scale of manufacturing is set to surge.

This acquisition between Nourison Home and J Mish demonstrates a strategic alliance, enhancing Nourison’s already expansive line of products with luxury offerings from J Mish. The combined strengths of these companies not only broadens the range of carpet selection for consumers, but also presents a plethora of opportunities for increased market presence and job creation. This exciting development in the world of luxury floor coverings reveals how Nourison and J Mish together, aim to redefine elegance underfoot.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318168

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