– Nourison Home recently acquired J. Mish Mills.
– Jonathan Peykar, president of Nourison Home, has discussed the integration and expansion of J. Mish Mills.
– Peykar has plans to maintain the quality craftsmanship of J. Mish products while expanding product availability and introducing new designs.
– Enhancements will also be made in J. Mish’s manufacturing process to increase efficiency and decrease environmental impact.
– The acquisition will introduce a new range of products in the Nourison Home portfolio.

Merging Master Craftsmanship with Advanced Production

Nourison Home Acquires J. Mish Mills

Jonathan Peykar, the head honcho of Nourison Home, has announced that they’ve embraced the legacy brand, J. Mish Mills, under their nurturing wing. This merger signals an expanded portfolio for Nourison and allows both brands to benefit from each other’s strengths.

Plans for J. Mish Mills

Peykar has big ambitions for the newly acquired company, but don’t worry, the celebrated craftsmanship, and time-tested quality of J. Mish products are here to stay. With an aim to introduce cutting-edge designs and expand the reach of these products, Peykar is placing his bets on the fusion of tradition and innovation.

Revamping the Manufacturing Process

Besides adding a dash of contemporary flair to J. Mish’s product lineup, Peykar aims to revamp the manufacturing process. The goal here is not only to make it more efficient but also to lighten its environmental footfall. After all, a high-quality rug should not come at the expense of Mother Nature.

Nourison’s Expanded Portfolio

By acquiring J. Mish, Nourison paves the way for a broader product mix. The rich heritage, design aesthetics, and quality of J. Mish’s rugs seamlessly blend with Nourison’s commitment to luxury, class, and diversity.

In conclusion, the acquisition of J. Mish Mills by Nourison Home brings together two great names in the decorative rug industry. Under Peykar’s leadership, we can expect J. Mish Mills to continue creating its sought-after rugs, but with a modern twist and new designs that cater to the tastes of a broader customer base. At the same time, we can look forward to a more efficient manufacturing process that respects the environment. High-quality, eco-friendly rugs— now that’s a merger we can get behind!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318632

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