– Ethan Allen Interiors, a reputable home furnishings retailer, is planning to move two of its showrooms.
– The company is shifting a showroom from Philadelphia to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, to enhance visibility and access for its customers.
– In Virginia, the Tyson’s Corner location is moving to Gainesville for a larger retail space.
– The relocation is also aimed at modernizing the look and feel of these showrooms, integrating new and upcoming trends.
– All employees are expected to retain their positions following the move.
– Both moves are set for completion in 2022.

Ethan Allen Interiors Plans Showroom Shift

Moving to modernize and improve customer experience

Ethan Allen Interiors, a prominent figure in home furnishings, has big plans for 2022 involving relocation of two of its showrooms. Aiming to provide customers with a more ideal shopping experience, Ethan Allen will move one establishment from Philadelphia to King of Prussia, offering increased visibility for customers.

A Growth Initiative in Virginia

Similarly, the Tyson’s Corner showroom in Virginia will undergo relocation, setting up shop in Gainesville instead. This move isn’t simply a change of address, but an eagerness to inhabit a larger retail space.

Change Symbolizes More than Just Location

Beyond new geographic coordinates, these relocations symbolize Ethan Allen’s commitment to integrating new trends and modernizing their in-store experience. The twofold objective is designed to cater to and engage with the evolving needs and preferences of modern buyers.

At the end of the day, don’t worry staff-fans, no employees will be left stranded! All current employees are confirmed to keep their positions following this move.

In summary, Ethan Allen is all set to shake things up by moving two key locations next year. More than a relocation, it’s a strategic move to better position the brand to weather and flourish in the dynamic world of home furnishings. Rest assured, Ethan Allen is not just retaining its old charm, but also integrating the new, making its stores an exciting place to realize your home decor dreams!

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