– Furniture Today magazine is extending the deadline for submissions of new product information for coverage of the Las Vegas Market event.
– The Las Vegas Market, set to be held in August, is one of the biggest furniture industry events in the US.
– Manufacturers and companies in the furniture industry can submit high-resolution images and product information for potential inclusion in the event’s coverage.
– The coverage provides an effective platform for businesses to showcase their products to a wide-ranging audience.
– Furniture Today is particularly interested in new collections and line additions, and exclusive first-look pieces launching in the Las Vegas Market.
– The process of selection involves a review by Furniture Today’s editorial team, who choose the most innovative and captivating products.

Exciting Opportunity for Furniture Brands

Deadline Extended for Las Vegas Market Submissions

Don’t miss out the golden opportunity! Furniture Today magazine is graciously extending the deadline for new product submissions to be covered at one of the most anticipated furniture industry events, The Las Vegas Market held this August. This is a busy summer platform for businesses targeting a great audience of furniture lovers.

Showcase Your Innovation

Manufacturers seeing a grand stage to flaunt their inventiveness in furniture design and quality, here’s your chance. Furniture Today is on the hunt for fresh collections, line additions, and exclusive pieces that are making their debut at the Las Vegas Market. However, remember that getting into the final coverage requires the product to catch the eye of the select editorial team of Furniture Today. They will be picking out stars that shine the brightest in the realm of innovation and aesthetic appeal.

“Furniture Today’s extended deadline for new product submissions is a remarkable opportunity for brands to showcase their wares to a wide-ranging audience. Come, participate in this grand extravaganza to introduce your innovative creations and the enchanting additions to your product line. Remember, the spotlight is on you, and this could be your chance to dazzle and delight the furniture world with your unique pieces unveiling at the Las Vegas Market. Don’t let the chance slip away, and get ready to wow the world with your remarkable furniture designs!”

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317962

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