– Online furniture retailer, FurniPlace, announced a strategic shift towards a trade-centric business model.
– They have seen a surge of B2B orders during the pandemic, prompting the pivot.
– FurniPlace are keen to cater more to interior designers, property developers, and other commercial clients.
– In order to support this new direction, they are restructuring their website and services, making it even more user-friendly for commercial clients.
– New features include a dedicated B2B portal, trade discounts, and a bespoke design service.
– While continuing to serve the B2C market, FurniPlace believes focusing on B2B will offer better long-term growth potential.

FurniPlace Embraces B2B Pivot with Exciting New Features

A Strategic Shift Prompted by Pandemic Trends

As the COVID-19 pandemic rewrites the rules of our daily lives, businesses around the world are forced to adapt rapidly. Online furniture brand, FurniPlace, is no exception. A notable surge in B2B orders during the lockdown periods has prompted a strategic pivot towards a trade-centric business model. They are keen to cater more to the needs of interior designers, property developers, and other commercial clients who form a significant part of this new customer trend.

Making The Transition Smooth with User-Friendly Upgrades

In response to these changes in market dynamics, FurniPlace is undertaking significant structural changes to its website and services to better cater to its new preferred clientele. The company is launching a dedicated B2B portal, providing trade discounts, and even offering a bespoke design service to meet the specific needs of its commercial clients.

Continuing to Serve B2C While focusing on Long-Term Growth Through B2B

While the shift towards B2B is clear and well underway, FurniPlace assures its loyal customer base that it will still provide premium-quality furniture for individual clients. The company believes that this strategic trade-centric pivot, although a divergence from their initial business model, can provide better growth potential in the long run.


In these rapidly changing times, prudent business decisions have to align with the changing market dynamics. And FurniPlace is doing just that – pivoting, adapting, and growing. Its astute focus on the burgeoning B2B furniture market, well-capped with innovative features, is a testament to the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry while continuing to exceed customer expectations. So, whether you are an individual in need of chic furniture or a commercial enterprise looking for tailored solutions, FurniPlace is ready to serve.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317611

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