As most great things, Lumber2Love started in our garage. Coming home from work, being with our family – then heading out to build and stain custom pieces. Long nights, working weekends – whatever it took to make L2L happen! And luckily it did!

It’s been six years since Lumber2Love started. Since then, we’ve upgraded to a new shop, have products in 49 states (damn you Hawaii!) and have made thousands of pieces for people all over the country! We are in shops, local businesses, homes, and restaurants. We’ve had product featured on TV – in Bryant Park in NYC – but love to keep it simple and help the small families who want something custom in their home. Our goal is to keep the small town feel – show the love in our work – and enjoy every second.

Ryan quit his job working for a large university back in 2019 and coaching college track & field – and quit everything to see what could develop! Yes – he got his degrees, took the safe route – but quit for woodworking! A dream come true really. Amanda is the brains behind our communications and organization-operations at L2L. And she too is now full time with our company. She decided to come on full time during the pandemic. And that is when things really took off! Since taking over, she has completely revolutionized how we communicate and provide customer service to you! She is a machine and will take complete care of you from first message to last! Lumber2Love has transformed so much in the six years, and it continues to do so! We’ve been able to hire extremely skilled craftsman along with training and transforming our current ones, so we can handle any custom request that is asked of us! Currently, we are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan – and this past March of 2022 – we moved into a 20,000 sqft facility! Its magical – and we are finally in the space we were met to have! We employ over 30 people most of the year. Around 25 craftsmen in the shop creating your beautiful furniture – and four full time drivers that help deliver all of your products into your living room! We have really embraced owning Lumber2Love and providing the absolute best experience we can each and every day. As we continue to grow and figure this business out, we are excited about every step we take.
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