– The Furniture First buying group has launched a new program called “A Season of Giving,” which encourages furniture retailers to offer a rent-to-own option for in-need customers.
– The objective of this program is to make quality furniture more accessible to a broader range of people and help those on a low income furnish their homes.
– A pilot program has already taken place in Georgia with seven participating retailers and has seen promising results.
– Furniture First plans to expand the program to additional states by the end of 2022.
– Accents Home Furnishings & Decor, one of the retailers involved in the pilot program, donated a portion of all rent-to-own sales during the “Season of Giving” to a local homeless shelter.
– With the impact of COVID-19 and rising inflation, Furniture First believes this initiative will help those who struggle to afford furniture.
– The success of the program will highly depend on the participation of member retailers and the public.

‘A Season of Giving’: More than just furniture

Furniture First’s Rent-to-Own Initiative

In a bid to reach out to a wider audience and serve the community, Furniture First launched “A Season of Giving.” A heartwarming drive to bring the joy of quality furniture into as many homes as possible by offering a feasible rent-to-own option for customers who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Pilot Program’s Successful Debut in Georgia

The pilot program in Georgia has shown an enthusiastic response with seven different retailers participating and imminent plans to further expand across states. One of these is Accents Home Furnishings & Decor which pledged to donate a portion of its rent-to-own sales in the “Season of Giving” to support a local homeless shelter.

Implications of the Program amid COVID-19 and Inflation

2022 has been tough for many, hit by the double whammy of COVID-19 and rising inflation. But, as Furniture First steps up, there’s a wave of relief for those in need. Beautiful furniture might sound like a luxury for some, but it’s a necessity for a home – stability in these unstable times.

To succeed, the program hinges on member retailers taking part and the public getting involved – backing us is backing the community. It’s more than just buying a piece of furniture; it’s about easing hardships and bringing cheer into people’s homes. Ultimately, it’s helping people make their house… a home. After all, isn’t that a fantastic way to give a little more this season?

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