– Magic Gardens, a popular art and lifestyle brand, has announced a partnership with furniture giant, Homestyle Furnishings.
– The collaboration results in a new exclusive rug collection which reflects the unique designs of Magic Gardens.
– The rug collection is inspired by Magic Garden’s signature style of whimsical and vibrant flower gardens.
– This collection offers consumers an opportunity to bring a piece of Magic Garden’s distinct style into their homes.
– Homestyle Furnishings is well-known for its commitment to high-quality, durable, and sustainable materials, ensuring the longevity of the rugs.
– The Magic Garden rug collection is available online and in all Homestyle Furnishings stores.

Magic Gardens and Homestyle Furnishings Partner for Decorative Rug Collection

Merging Art with Furniture

Magic Gardens, an admired art brand renowned for its vibrant and whimsical designs, has partnered with Homestyle Furnishings to transform their signature style into a series of decorative rugs. This exciting collaboration allows patrons to incorporate a dash of artistic flair into their interior décor.

Quality and Sustainability

Homestyle Furnishings guarantees the top-notch quality and durability of these rugs, as it’s known for its solid commitment to sustainability and superior materials. This makes sure that customers are not only buying a unique design piece, but also investing in a product that’s made to last.

Where to Buy?

The Magic Garden rug collection is now available in all Homestyle Furnishings retail locations, giving even more customers the chance to add a touch of Magic Garden’s artistry to their own homes. Additionally, those who prefer online shopping can likewise find the collection on the company’s official website.

The partnership between Magic Gardens and Homestyle Furnishings has successfully created an intersection between art and functional home decor. By infusing Magic Garden’s signature whimsical design into Homestyle Furnishings’ reliably durable rugs, the collaboration offers a truly unique home accessory that serves both style and function. Whether for those fans of Magic Gardens’ unique art or individuals looking to spice up their home’s interior with a dash of vibrant art, the Magic Garden rug collection is certainly an enchanting option to consider. Customers can easily purchase these artistic rugs, either in-store or online, adding a sprinkle of magical artistry into their homes.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318204

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