– Pennsylvania-based furniture retailer, Shank’s Home Furnishings, is closing its doors after nearly 77 years in business.
– The family-owned business started in 1944 by John and Ruth Shank decided to retire due to ongoing ill health and lack of a succession plan.
– Shank’s has been a beloved part of the Lancaster community, known for its quality furniture and personalized service.
– Over the decades, the store expanded from a small shop to a 30,000-square-foot showroom.
– The closure will result in the layoff of 14 employees, most of whom have been with the company for over ten years.
– A liquidation sale will take place to sell off the remaining inventory before the store officially closes in May.

End of an Era: Shank’s Home Furnishings to Close After 77 Years

A Fond Farewell to a Family Tradition

Store Closure After a Successful Run

The warm neighborhood charm of Shank’s Home Furnishings in Lancaster, Pennsylvania will soon become a memory. Starting as a small shop in 1944, this family-owned business expanded over the decades into a 30,000-square-feet showroom known for its quality furniture and personalized service. However, with the family deciding to retire due to ill health and the lack of a succession plan, the store is closing its doors after nearly 77 years. The closure will hit the community hard, not just for the end of a local legacy, but also for the loss of jobs for 14 long-serving employees. A liquidation sale promises a bittersweet farewell, as Shank’s customers will have one last chance to take home a piece of Lancaster history before the store officially closes its doors in May.

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