– Sheila Long O’Mara, a widely-respected furniture industry specialist, articulates the importance of legacy in the world of home furnishings.
– O’Mara emphasizes the crucial role of family-owned businesses in the development and continuous advancement of the furniture industry.
– She discusses the influence of well-known family businesses such as La-Z-Boy, Ashley Furniture Industries, and furniture manufacturing company, Klaussner.
– O’Mara also acknowledges the challenges these family enterprises face, including managing transitions between generations and evolving with times.
– The article highlights unique family stories, where the passion for furniture-making has been passed down through generations.
– Incorporating modernity while preserving the essence of traditional designs has been a secret to the success of these enduring businesses.
– She advocates for the funding of higher education institutions, such as High Point University, which fosters talent by offering special programs in furniture design and manufacturing.

The Rich Legacy of Furnishing Families

Preserving Tradition, Embracing Change

The world of home furnishings is not just about creating beautiful pieces for consumers – it’s about crafting legacies. As Sheila Long O’Mara, a noted industry expert, points out, many of the most successful, and influential, businesses in home furnishings are family-owned enterprises. These are the giants like La-Z-Boy, Ashley Furniture Industries, and Klaussner, who pass their craft from one generation to the next, refining their art along the way.

Challenges and Triumphs: A Generational Dance

Despite the timeless elegance of the options they offer, these businesses must grapple with numerous challenges. Foremost amongst these is managing the seamless transition of leadership across generations. They also constantly juggle the delicate task of integrating modern aesthetics with the traditional charm that customers have come to associate with them.

Cultivating the Craft: The Role of Academic Institutions

Another crucial aspect O’Mara emphasizes is the role of higher education institutions in nurturing talent for the furniture industry. Schools such as High Point University, which offer specialized programs in furniture design and production, have become essential seedbeds for future furniture mavens.

This ever-evolving industry stands firm on the foundation of familial pride and perseverance, forever cherishing the importance of legacy while embracing the winds of change. Their passion is more than just manufacturing – it’s about preserving an enduring love for their craft that’s been centuries in the making.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316642

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