• Iris Dankner, an interior designer in Beverly Hills, has turned her home into a fusion of fun and sophistication with a nod to modern and well-preserved vintage furniture.
• Each room mirrors Dankner’s radiant personality while taking on a theme showcasing a particular area of interest like oriental rugs, Italian sculptures, or Moroccan lamps.
• Dankner debunks the notion that high-end furniture and sounds of children playing do not go hand in hand. Her home is a playland for her three children, adorned with tantalizing architectural features like a suspended bed, a treehouse, and fun murals.
• To create this fusion of grown-up and playful style, Iris collaborated with her friend and prominent artist, Killy Kilford, known for his murals of childlike exuberance.
• Dankner credits her seamless blending of luxury furniture with child-friendly features to her stay in many boutique hotels around the world, drawing inspiration from their ambient décors.

Where Play Meets Sophistication: Iris Dankner’s L.A. Abode

The Balanced Blend of Iris Dankner’s Interior Design

Fusion of High-End Furniture and Child-Friendly Features

Iris Dankner’s chic Beverly Hills home is a testament to the harmony that can exist between youthful playfulness and sophisticated luxury. Dankner strikes a balance between adult and child spaces, creating an environment where both worlds coexist—apart from each other yet seamlessly blended. With tastefully selected pieces from different eras and countries mixed with tactile features for her children, this house tells the tale of eclectic design meeting homely warmth. Dankner’s ingenious play on themes accentuated by Killy Kilford’s murals injects a vibrancy into her home, coloring everyday life with hues of fun and sophistication. Her approach breaks the norms of conventional interior designing, proving that a home can be a haven of luxury without losing touch with the joy and innocence of childhood.

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