Returns & exchanges

Request a cancellation within: 1 hour of purchase

Once an order is placed, you have up to 48 hrs to ask for a cancellation. We purchase your lumber almost immediately, so after the 48hr window our lumber order is already submitted to our mill and paid for. This is both for website sales, and custom invoices.

We DO accept exchanges or modifications to your order, contact us asap. 

Once your order is placed, you do have a time frame to make changes or modifications. Please do so asap. We will notify you via text when you can no longer adjust your order though!

Items damaged upon delivery must be communicated with driver while they are still present. We will then bring the product back for repair and immediate reshipment! 

    Softwood WARRANTY (applies to our firs and pines)

    Sometimes things happen – and we know that. If something happens to your product within 3 months of delivery – let us know. We will take care of it if it was our fault. To help assess the issue, we will ask you to send photos from various angles to see if we need to fix it or replace it. We will cover handmade defects in materials or workmanship. Remember to follow our care instructions first though!

    Hardwood WARRANTY:

    Sometimes things happen – and we know that. If something happens to your product within 1 year of delivery – let us know. We will take care of it if it was our fault. To help assess the issue, we will ask you to send photos from various angles to see if we need to fix it or replace it. We will cover handmade defects in materials or workmanship. Remember to follow our care instructions first though!

    We are not responsible for normal wood movement. ALL wood moves, and if it is not properly taken care of, it can move drastically to failure. Keeping humidity consistent and caring for your products will help keep your product for years and years!

    Warranties are only valid when products were used for their intended purposes and exhibit normal use. We also understand things happen – so shoot us a message so we can walk you through how to fix a dent, scratch – or your daughter draws on it sharpie 🙂

    We are a small business who work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with your product and want to make sure you love it. Just let us know how we can help and we will do everything we can to make it right.

    If a repair/replacement is warranted, then we will do our best to fit you into our schedule to take care of it in a timely manner. We will communicate our ETA once we have determined our fixing schedule!

    What You Need To Know

    Lumber2Love’s items are made from real wood. It is all we use. Real wood is always different and will not look and act like typical laminate furniture. All wood has variation, and this variation will normally be noticed once stained. Some has more knots, less knots, streaks, grain patterns, etc. All natural beautiful characteristics of all wood, which we can’t necessarily control – nor do we want to.

    Although we try our best to give you great quality and craftsmanship, we are still learning every single day! If you have an issue, let us know!

    Please read each item description carefully and convo with me if you have any questions about a particular piece or you want a unit to be darker or lighter in color. We can hand select the wood to accommodate a need to match a room or other furniture. BUT you must communicate that within 24 hours from the time of purchase. This is your responsibility.

    Custom orders are most definitely welcome! Please contact us with your personal request!

    All rights reserved
    Lumber2Love, LLC


    As we have grown, we have begun shipping our orders ourselves. Wrapped up by us, put in our vans, and delivered by one of our craftsman! They will even offer to assemble it if you’d like (for a tip of course!).

    Although we try to ship everything ourselves, there are several we just cannot. That is where we rely on 3rd party, vetted shippers. They come to our shop, wrap and pick up your item(s), and deliver to you. Nearly the same way as we do – although they wont always assemble for you, sorry 🙁

    Shipping can take up to two weeks – especially when we are offering FREE SHIPPING, we try to maximize our routes. We will have our drivers contact you to set up a drop off time. Just help them unload. Work with us and we will do our very best!

    Care instructions

    This is a real wood item, and real wood items need to be taken care of!

    You need to have a HUMIDIFIER (especially if you live in the north) No humidity is terrible for these pieces and if you can’t maintain your moisture levels in your home, your item will most likely shrink and crack 🙁 We aren’t responsible for that obviously. And if you get a breadboard table, there is a lot more stress on those tables, so make sure humidity is present and consistent!

    Most wet things are ok (to a point) and be careful with hot things of course!

    If you get our awesome Rubio Monocoat finish, remember its extremely matte finish and needs special care! No other products can be placed on top of that finish!


    We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through use of our products purchased through this website, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like). If you have any questions regarding the terms of use outlined here, please do not hesitate to contact us. By purchasing an item(s), you agree to these terms. We are a Limited Liability Company.

    Lumber2Love, LLC


    We will accept payment via Etsy, Paypal, Paypal Credit or Venmo. Please ask for more details to save on your purchase!

    Prior to Purchase

    Once we create your order, you are responsible for reviewing your details prior to purchase. Once the order is purchased, we refer directly back to the order form to create your order, and we will not be held responsible for changes made after your order, if not communicated.

    It is the buyers responsibility to review their order and make any necessary changes. Changes after the order has been started or completed are subject to time delays and fees.

    Cancellations of hardwood orders can be made up until two days after order date. Otherwise your wood has been milled and started.

    By purchasing your order, you agree to these terms.

    Upon Arrival

    Most tables will come disassembled. Not to worry! We provide everything you need to put it back together and make it as easy as possible to do so!

    We need to do this for shipping AND most tables won’t fit through a normal door, so keeping it apart makes it simple for a quick entrance into your home!

    Remember – our drivers will need to help bringing in the table tops – because most are too large or heavy to manage by themselves!

    Assembly for Table Purchases

    Yes, you will need to assemble your table 🙁 I know I know – its not ideal, BUT we make it easy, fast and simple. We will provide the hardware and instructions to make it go as easy as possible. ALL YOU NEED IS A DRILL!

    We WISH we could send them assembled – but it is not safe for the stability of the table, more expensive AND it’s hard on our drivers!

    OH! and if you need more assistance – just let us know – some of our drivers will help you assemble if you ask (not always though) *hint hint* Slip them a $20 🙂

    Inspection upon delivery

    Please look over your item when it arrives from the shipper. Sometimes things happen – and if something arrives damaged, it is your responsibility to look it over and send it back with the shipper it came with so they can bring it back to us. If not – you’ll be responsible to return the item if you’d like us to fix it! We’d be happy to do so!

    Color choices

    WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering a stain sample if you want to know exactly what your table wood will look like stained in the color you choose. If you decide not to, we hold no responsibility on color selection. We stain with the products listed, and they may appear different in pictures, compared to in person. If a stain sample is not purchased and a product arrives and you are not satisfied with the color, we will not be held responsible. Remember, color always appears different in lighting variations. IE – home lighting, natural light, bright bulbs, yellow bulbs, etc.

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