• A 1908 historical building in the Upper West Side gets a remarkable restoration.
• The owner, Nancy Ruddy, is a distinguished architect who took on the project herself.
• Ruddy converted the four-story building into a 3-floor spacious living area with an office on the ground floor.
• The entire residence is decorated with handpicked and collected furnishings.
• Ruddy expressed a passion for preserving the building’s character and integrating it with modern designs.
• The main bedroom is a standout feature with a 25-foot ceiling and skylight.
• Highlights include original fireplaces, restored moldings, vintage chandeliers, and antique furniture mixed with modern pieces.
• Repurposed furniture, like a Victorian sofa transformed into a daybed, is a theme throughout the house.

A Harmonious Blend of Past and Present in 1908 Upper West Side Building

Preserving history and infusing modern designs

In a stunning showcase of architectural expertise, Nancy Ruddy, a notable architect, breathed new life into a historical 1908 building located in the Upper West Side. The four-story building was innovatively converted into a three-floor spacious living space, topped with an office on the ground floor.

Handpicked Furnishings and Repurposed Classics

Ruddy’s artistic vision ensured that every piece of furniture was handpicked and collected, comprising a harmonious blend of preserved history and modern aesthetics. The standout features, such as a main bedroom with a 25-foot ceiling and skylight and original fireplaces, perfectly meld with lovingly restored moldings, glittering vintage chandeliers, and an assortment of antique furniture merged with modern pieces. A recurring motif is the repurposing of furniture, like a Victorian sofa artfully transformed into a daybed. The result is a house that is a tribute to past eras while comfortably embracing the present.

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