– **Regal Fabrics**, a top-notch designer of upholstery fabrics, has expanded its **Outshine collection**.
– They have introduced a new design named **Kelso**, a multi-colored chenille plush featuring an abstract pattern.
– The sophisticated color palette used in Kelso varies from moody jewel tones to more refined, understated hues.
– The Outshine collection uses **Revolution performance fabric** technology, which is stain and fade-resistant, perfect for the modern, busy lifestyle.
– Kelso, like other Outshine designs, is made entirely in the United States.
– Regal Fabrics is setting sales records with the Outshine collection, as it satisfies the increasing consumer demand for low-maintenance, high-style furniture fabrics.

A Shining Addition to the Outshine Collection by Regal Fabrics

Introducing Kelso: Bold and Beautiful

Regal Fabrics, a prominent name in the upholstery fabric design industry, has just set their Outshine collection to dazzle a bit brighter with the addition of their new design, Kelso. A multi-colored chenille plush, Kelso represents the perfect blend of abstract extravagance and comfort.

Playing With Colors

The design doesn’t shy away from exhibiting a mask of vibrant fancy, showcasing a delicate balance between moody jewel tones and more demure, subtle hues. This characterful blend makes it a versatile addition that can complement an array of room aesthetics.

Revolution Fabric Technology: Style Meets Substance

Kelso, like all other designs from the Outshine collection, is enhanced with Revolution performance fabric technology. Stain and fading become concerns of the past with its high-resistance capabilities, making it perfectly suited to busy households always on the go.

A Record-Breaking Collection

The Outshine collection has an undeniable star quality, consistently breaking sales records for Regal Fabrics. Increasing consumer demand for low-maintenance yet stylish furniture materials has clearly been met with this stellar lineup.

Strengthened by Homegrown Crafting

Nurturing domestic industries is at the heart of Regal Fabrics’ operations. Kelso, along with the entire Outshine collection, proudly declares its origin story as entirely American-made, enhancing local crafts and trades.

In a nutshell, Regal Fabrics continues to redefine upholstery fabric design with the expansion of the Outshine collection, particularly with the introduction of Kelso. The rich, playful use of color paired with the infallible strength of Revolution fabric technology marks a promising union of style and utility. The collection keeps climbing sales records, validating its relevance in the marketplace. This heartening success is made all the more satisfying by the fact that all designs, including Kelso, embody the strength and resilience of purely American-made products.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316748

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