– The traditional Tudor style of California has been given a modern touch of bohemian vibes.
– The project is the result of home decor visionary, Robert McKinley and his wife Kate.
– The house retains the essence of a 1930s Tudor style home while incorporating eclectic pieces of furniture and decor.
– The couple opted for a minimalist aesthetic by using neutral shades, disrupted only by vibrant art pieces and intriguing patterns.
– An unconventional addition is the home wellness area with yoga studio and surfboard storage.
– For the decor, they drew inspiration from their travels around the world, reflecting their love for diverse cultures.
– They collaborated with local artisans to support community engagement and sustainability.
– The space boasts modern conveniences without losing the charm of its historical roots.

A Bohemian Twist to the California Tudor Tradition

Tradition Meets Eclecticism: A Unique Decor Vision

In their latest project, celebrated home decor visionary, Robert McKinley and his wife Kate have breathed new life into the traditional Tudor homes of California. Keeping the original essence of a 1930s Tudor style home intact, the couple has seamlessly blended in eclectic pieces of furniture and decor, resulting in an interior that exudes a singularly unique charm.

Minimalist Aesthetics and Vibrant Splashes of Art

The McKinleys have chosen a minimalist approach for their design. Neutral shades are the order of the day, peppered with vibrant art pieces and intriguing patterns that disrupt the monotony.

Untraditional Additions: Wellness and Surfing

An intriguing addition to the reimagined Tudor house is a dedicated wellness area — complete with a yoga studio and surfboard storage — a quirk that gives the home a truly modern edge.

Community Engagement and Sustainability

While reviving the Tudor home, the couple chose to collaborate with local artisans, fostering community engagement and promoting sustainability.

In Conclusion: A Modern Take on Classic Charm

Robert and Kate McKinley’s reimagined Tudor project is a perfect mélange of old and new. While the house maintains a nod to its historic roots, an infusion of modern conveniences and avant-garde decor set the pace for a contemporary, bohemian lifestyle. This California home not only serves as living quarters but as a statement piece — reflecting the couple’s love for travel, diverse cultures, and sustainable practices. It is a testament to how conventional can meet unconventional in the most beautiful way.

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