– A new study conducted by Insurify Insights has identified the top five states with the most eager home remodelers: Vermont, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Iowa.
– The study utilized data from over 1.6 million car insurance applications, which included questions about various home improvement projects recently undertaken.
– In Vermont, 8.4% of homeowners had recently completed a major home improvement project, followed by 8.2% in Massachusetts and 7.2% in Wisconsin.
– New Hampshire and Iowa rounded out the top five, with 6.9% and 6.7% of homeowners respectively indicating they had taken on a home renovation.
– The study also pointed out that home remodelling has surged since the pandemic started, with more people spending time at home and wanting to improve their living spaces.

American Home Remodeling: A Tale of Five States

Who’s hammering and sawing away?

Vermont Leads the Pack in Home Improvements

The green mountains of Vermont, famous for their fall foliage, are also the backdrop for a surge in home renovations. According to a recent study conducted by Insurify Insights, 8.4% of homeowners in “The Green Mountain State” have recently taken on major home improvement projects.

Massachusetts and Wisconsin: Close Competitors

The picturesque coasts of Massachusetts and the dairy farms of Wisconsin are treading closely behind Vermont, with 8.2% and 7.2% of homeowners respectively launching their own home makeovers.

The Granite State: New Hampshire

Also joining the renovation race are homeowners in New Hampshire, with 6.9% undertaking home revamps.

Completing the Top Five: Iowa

Iowa, with its rolling farmlands, rounds out the top five where 6.7% of homeowners have hopped onto the renovation wagon.

The Remodeling Boom Sparked by a Unlikely Source: The Pandemic

Interestingly, the research also revealed a significant nationwide increase in home remodels since the pandemic began. As people spend more time at home, it seems like they’ve found the perfect opportunity to transform their surroundings and make their spaces more functional and comfortable.

From fall-tinged Vermont to farmlands in Iowa, it’s looks like DIY is more than just a hobby, it’s a nationwide passion kindled by the pandemic!

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