– Furniture Fair, a retail giant, is securing a niche in the bedding sector to compete with larger industry players.
– By 2024, the retailer plans to dedicate an impressive 60% of its floor space to bedding. This shift coincides with a broader industry trend towards “sleep shops”.
– Furniture Fair earned substantial success since launching its first bedding department in Eastgate, Ohio, and figures suggest exponential growth.
– “Mattress 1st” is perhaps the most successful bedding brand for Furniture Fair, which is pushing the retailer to double-down on the bedding market.
– The company credits its success to a dynamic team and their long standing relationships with suppliers that foster a culture of trust.
– Furniture Fair’s strategic decision to cap all its mattresses at $999 aligns them with consumers’ desire for affordability.
– Even amid the pandemic, the retailer’s growth in the bedding niche has outpaced overall business growth indicating resilience and future potential.

The Rise of Furniture Fair: Conquering The Bedding World

Reimagining Store Spaces

Furniture Fair has big plans for the future, as they aim to dedicate over half of their store space to bedding by 2024. Indeed, marking a step towards joining the growing trend of specialized “sleep shops”. Following remarkable achievements since their first launch in Eastgate, Ohio, the retailer is poised for further growth in this sector.

Establishing Strong Brands

The astonishing success of the “Mattress 1st” brand boosts Furniture Fair’s dedication to the bedding market even further. In large part, the company’s growth is attributed to its dynamic team and solid relationships with suppliers, creating a thriving culture of trust.

Attractive Pricing Strategies

In a strategic move to align with the consumer’s want for cost-effective options, the company has ensured to cap the value of all its mattresses at $999.

Weathering the Pandemic Storm

Even during the turbulent times of Covid-19, Furniture Fair’s bedding segment has witnessed consistently higher growth compared to its overall business. This resilience showcases the high potential of the bedding niche—and Furniture Fair’s ability to exploit it.

Final Thoughts

Standing toe-to-toe with the big players, Furniture Fair is making waves in the bedding world. Their successful approach of optimal store usage, nurturing of potent brand partnerships, savvy pricing strategy, coupled with an ethos of building dynamic teams, is paying off. Despite the global pandemic, they’ve proved their metal with consistent growth, further highlighting the company’s smart pivot towards bedding. Watch out, 2024, Furniture Fair’s bedding boom is on its way!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316648

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