– Two prominent furniture retailers from Florida and North Carolina join the Furniture First Cooperative.
– Nicols & Stone, a successful furniture showroom from North Carolina, and Famous Tate, one of the top 50 appliance companies in the U.S, are the newest members.
– The announcement of their join was made by Furniture First Board of Directors.
– Furniture First is a home furnishings and mattress retail operations purchase cooperative and both will enjoy the benefits of membership.
– Furniture First now has 223 member companies representing 484 furniture stores.

Top Retailers – Florida & N.C’s Nicols & Stone and Famous Tate Join Furniture First

Newest Members Welcome to the Cooperative

North Carolina’s Nicols & Stone furniture showroom, along with Florida’s well established Famous Tate appliance company, are the front-runners in their respective areas. They are now officially part of the Furniture First Co-operative.

Furniture First’s Growing Network

Furniture First is more than just a buying collective; it’s a forum for sharing best practices and a platform for increasing growth and profitability. With Nicols & Stone and Famous Tate joining the network, the group now extends to 223 member companies, representing 484 furniture stores across the country.

Looking Forward to New Beginnings

Famous Tate, one of the top 50 appliance companies in the U.S, and Nicols & Stone, with their successful furniture showroom, bring their expertise and market mastery to the table. These new additions to the cooperative look to reinforce Furniture First’s mission to foster growth through collaboration and mutual support.

The furniture business has a cooperative shine as Furniture First welcomes two noteworthy retailers, Nicols & Stone and Famous Tate. Expanding their reach across the country, Furniture First now boasts 223 member companies with 484 furniture stores. Both new members ensure their access to shared marketing strategies, exclusive merchandise, and robust networking opportunities. Their admission promises to catapult their businesses to new heights while also adding their unique strengths and insights to the cooperative’s already rich repertoire. In the competitive world of furniture and appliances, cooperation is the name of the game with Furniture First leading the charge.

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