– The July 4 holiday is typically one of the busiest shopping times of the year for furniture retailers, and they are counting on strong sales to help recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
– Many people have been desiring to spruce up their homes after being restricted for many months, leading to an increase in demand for furniture.
– Digitally native furniture brands are seeing a surge in online sales, where previously, brick and mortar stores were popular.
– Top brands have orchestrated massive sales events and offer significant discounts and deals online and in-stores.
– Customers have also been incentivized through no interest financing, longer payback periods and, for some, same-day delivery.
– Retailers are also implementing safety measures in stores to reduce the risk of virus transmission, including frequent cleaning and enforcing the wearing of facemasks.
– Despite an increase in online shopping, many consumers still value the in-store shopping experience when it comes to furniture, noting a preference for seeing and trying before buying.

Retailers Count on July 4 Sales Boost

Increased Demand for Home Furnishings Amid Pandemic

Shifting Balance: Online Brands Rising, Brick and Mortar Adapting

In the wake of an unprecedented pandemic, the July 4 holiday marked a crucial opportunity for the hard-hit furniture industry. Retailers, in an atmosphere where consumers have rekindled their desire to revamp their homes, banked on the holiday rush to spark a resurgence in business. Meanwhile, online furniture brands capitalized on the digital retail boom as consumer habits shifted, albeit brick and mortar stores maintained their appeal to those who prefer a tangible shopping experience. With a blend of HD-quality online catalogs, hefty discounts, financing options, and safety measures in-store, the furniture industry demonstrated adaptability even under pressure. Despite the challenges, it seems the desire for a comfortable, stylish home remains a constant – just like the arrival of July 4 sales.

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